Yella Beezy ft. Young Thug – On A Flight

on a flight

On a flight Yella Beezy mp3 download ft. young thug

Yella Beezy comes through with one more new song titled “On a Flight” featuring Young Thug and is directly here for your fast download.

Listen and Download Yella Beezy Ft. Young Thug – On a Flight Below:


On A Flight Lyrics

[Intro: Yella Beezy]

[Chorus: Yella Beezy]
I’m on a flight (Yeah, I’m on a flight)
I’m ’bout to pour me some drugs over this ice (Over this ice, baby)
She ask me do I wanna fuck? And I said twice (I said twice, yeah)
And I’ma come and beat it up like it’s a fight (Like it’s a flight)
And after this night (After this)
Baby, I’m back on a flight (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
My diamonds shining like a bug all on these lights (Diamonds, hey)
Baby, come and let me touch all your insides (Won’t get it back)
And I’ma beat the pussy up like it’s a fight (Like it’s a fight)
’Cause after this night (Yeah)
Baby, I’m back on a flight

[Verse 1: Young Thug]
Pour up a Sprite (Pour up, pour up)
Let’s toast up for life
I’m keeping the drum on the AK ’cause these niggas are shiesty (On slatt)
If you got smoke with one of my brothers, you might lose your life (Yeah)
We ain’t even gotta talk every day, we still gon’ do what’s right (We know what’s right)
I’m counting these racks all day (Count)
Hit the lid off the Benz when I play
If she want it, she get it when she bae
When I come to her city, ain’t gotta say (On God)
She gon’ hit a nigga line
Some of my diamonds brown and red
They hittin’ when they shine (Woo), yeah (Bling bling)
Got a million Pintos
I ain’t have a rubber when I hit her at the show
Dog life, muzzle, need to have one when I talk
Fucking in a private dining room in the G4

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